Monday, May 31, 2010

Lily's Drawing

OH, how I wish I could remember what she told me this picture was of.... Maybe if I show her this photo she will remember what she called it. I just remember how proud she was of her drawing.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Camping at Fayette

We went camping with some friends over Memorial Day weekend at Oak Thicket Park on Lake Fayette.  The four of us in our family slept in our tent, and there was a screened shelter at our campsite with bunk beds for the rest of the gang.  We had a great time hanging out and relaxing, and the guys caught several bass.  Lily went tubing for the first time, and Dylan had his first boat ride.  Lily fell off the top bunk bed in the shelter on our first night camping, which was very scary, but she's so tough!  When we got home she noticed the little scratch under her nose and wanted to know how it had happened.  She didn't pay any attention to the black eye or goose egg on her forehead, and she didn't even realize that her fall is how she got the scratch.  She remembers falling, but I think she remembers being scared more than how much it hurt.  Dylan discovered that he likes to drink water from my water bottle, but he really isn't very interested in a sippy cup.  It was a really fun trip!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dinosaurs at the Zoo

The Houston Zoo has a dinosaur exhibit right now, so we went to check it out. The dinosaurs actually move and make noise! Lily was especially interested in the one that had a nest with eggs and babies in it, and the one with the really long neck that she had to look waaay up at to see (sorry, I can't remember their names right now). Dylan was more interested in watching Lily than looking at dinosaurs. While we were at the zoo we also took a peek at Baby Baylor the elephant, who looks like he's already growing like crazy. It was a fun morning!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lily Making Muffins... and growing way too fast!

There's nothing overly exciting about these pictures... We make muffins fairly often, and Lily almost always sits on the coutertop to help. But when she was sitting up there this morning, I was struck by how BIG she has gotten! This is no toddler on my countertop - this is a big girl! I don't know if it was her hair or her longer legs that caught my attention, but I had to take a picture because I'm pretty sure yesterday she wasn't this big yet. And if I blink she won't be this size anymore either. I'm just thankful that I got to savor it just a little bit today, because these years are going way too fast.

That last picture is an example of Lily being a big girl and doing things for herself - haha! I left the room for a couple minutes to come back and find that she had helped herself to another muffin and slathered butter ALL OVER the top of it. She didn't think it was too much butter at all - she was quite enjoying it actually!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lily is a Goldfish!

Lily completed her introductory Guppy swim class today, so she is now a Goldfish! Hooray, Lily! We're so proud of her! In just two short weeks, she has learned to float on her back and has grown SO much more comfortable in the water.  She will go to swim lessons twice a week in June.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stephen and Dylan

These boys are so funny to watch when they're sitting together like this! They grab each other, make noises, try to grab each other's toys, and just plain have fun.

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Dylan Holding Bottle

This only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was pretty cute!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indoor Campout

Lily wanted to "go camping in a tent and watch a movie!!!," so we had another indoor campout. This time Daddy built the tent in our bedroom so Mommy and Daddy could sleep in bed instead of on the floor - haha!
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fishing at the Pond

We had fun fishing at the pond with friends this afternoon.  Lily caught a couple of fish! (With a significant amount of help - she was pretty busy running around having a good time while her line was out in the water.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

kids in bathtub 3 - dylan splashing

Kids in Bathtub 2

Kids in Bathtub

Big Bathtub

Dylan got to take a bath in the big bathtub tonight! But not just any bath - a BUBBLEbath with his big sister! Dylan did really well in the tub, not wobbling around or slipping at all. He kept scooting really close to Lily, forcing her into the corner of the tub. It was so funny! He wanted to play with her, but Lily really didn't want to share or play with Dylan. She was fine with him being in the tub with her, as long as he did his own thing. The next few posts are some videos from this bathtime.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lily's swim lesson

Lily's swim lessons, day 5 of 10. Short clip of floating and turning onto her tummy with her face in the water.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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Baylor the Baby Elephant

We are SO excited about Baylor the Baby Elephant! (Well I know I am anyway, and I think Lily is too!) He was born exactly one week ago at the Houston Zoo, and we happened to go to the zoo today to find out that this is Baylor's first day out in front of the visitors. I had read that he would stay in the elephant barn for a few weeks before coming out to visit his adoring fans, so I was surprised and super excited to see him when we were there today! And let me tell you, he is so, so, SO cute! He was walking all around, getting down in the dirt and standing up again, going back and forth between his mama Shanti and another elephant. I could have stood there watching him for hours - I can't wait to go back to see him again soon.
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Houston Swim Club

This is Lily's second day of her swim lessons at Houston Swim Club. Every new student is required to do an introductory class where they go every day for two weeks. Lily is enjoying her lessons so far, and she seems to like her teacher, Miss Lindsey. Parents watch the lessons through windows that the kids can't see through, so my pictures aren't the greatest, but here is one of Lily working on floating on her back.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Seven Months

I cannot believe Dylan is seven months old already!
We visited Dr. Dickerson when Dylan turned six months old, for his check-up.  At that time, he had only gained a few ounces since his previous check-up at four months.  (His weight at 6 months was 15 lbs 1 oz.) I had been nursing him every four hours at the time, so we decided to go back to nursing every three hours as well as increasing his solid food intake for a couple of weeks and then do a weight-check.  After two weeks of eating a whole bunch of baby oatmeal and nursing a whole bunch, Dylan had gained a little over a pound (6 1/2months -- 16 lbs 2 oz).  That was a big jump after only gaining a few ounces in two whole months.  So it seemed like he had just had a growth spurt and everything was fine.  I gradually shifted back to feeding him only every four hours, and Dylan was perfectly happy with that.  We continued to introduce new solid foods over the next two weeks, which he loved.  A little too much!  He started eating three stage 2 jars of baby food at each meal, immediately after I had just nursed him.  There was just no way that he should be that hungry after I had just fed him, so I decided to pump at his feeding times to see approximately how much milk he was getting.  Lo and behold, it wasn't really very much, considering Dylan's age and size.  So I continued pumping, supplementing the pumped breastmilk with formula.  Over about a week, I pumped less and offered a little more formula, making a gradual transition.  Dylan now drinks 2-3 times as much formula in a day as the amount of breastmilk I was producing for him.  He isn't any happier or less fussy, as he was never fussy or acting hungry to begin with.  But he's growing like a weed - 17 lbs 9 oz about two weeks after introducing formula.  There are many possible reasons why I wasn't producing quite enough milk for him, but the important part is that he's getting enough nutrition keep him growing.
In other news, Dylan's first sharp little tooth (lower right) broke through the gum on April 29th.  The second one (lower left) broke through on May 2nd.  And now he seems to be working on the next ones, although I'm not sure yet which ones they'll be.  I just know there's a lot of drooling and chewing going on again.
He rolls all over the place and is starting to scoot forward a little bit.  He's a very efficient roller, though, so he doesn't really care about trying to get up on his knees to go forward.
Dylan is a very happy, healthy, chunky little baby, and I can't get enough of his cuddles!  This picture was taken April 28th, when he was exactly seven months old.
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Lily splashing in sprinkler

Lily Sliding on her Belly

Makeshift Waterslide

We moved Lily's slide over to the sprinkler to create a waterslide in the backyard. She had a great time! She had a hard time climbing UP the slide when it was wet, though!  Enjoy the next few posts with short videos.

Big Swing at Gymnastics

It's so hard to get good pictures of Lily on the big swing at gymnastics because, of course, she's swinging! She's had a love/hate relationship with this swing during the year that she's been attending gymnastics classes, but lately she loves it. Hard to believe it's been a year since she started!

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