Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beginning of Kindergarten

Three days of kindergarten are in the books, and we can definitely say Lily loves it so far! On the first day Daddy, Mommy, and Dylan walked her into the classroom and helped her get situated before we left. On the second day Mommy and Dylan followed Lily to the classroom, but we didn't go in with her. On the third day, Mommy and Dylan stayed outside while Lily went into the great big school building all by herself. We were able to watch a little bit from the door, and I was so proud to see her walk straight to her hallway and head toward the classroom. I was also a little sad that she's really not a baby anymore, but mostly I am very excited for all God has in store for Lily during this year of kindergarten milestones!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Swimming in the Rain

The weather was not exactly ideal for a swim meet today, but the schedule trumps rainy weather so the Gators swam against the Surfers in the rain. Our little Gator got a blue ribbon for the freestyle relay with her teammates, and then we bundled her up in her towel to stay cozy until her next event. She got a yellow ribbon for freestyle, and orange for backstroke. Her backstroke is improving, although her double-arm stroke is very cute to watch! Swim team is so much fun!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Legoland Rides

These boats were hilarious! They're not on any kind of track that keeps them going in the right direction - the passengers really do steer them with the steering wheels! It was like bumper boats! with little kids (and sometimes adults too!) driving them, they got turned around the wrong way all the time.  It was really funny.
Dylan liked this scary looking guy, and the kids both liked the wishing well with a Lego witch.
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The Water Ride

Let's just say... they got drenched!!! Mommy heeded the warning of the posted sign that said you may get soaked - Mommy did NOT ride this one!


More Legoland Pictures



Coastersaurus Rollercoaster

We went from the jungle safari ride straight to the Coastersaurus - from a very mild, easy ride to the most exciting ride that Dylan was big enough for.  I don't think he was really prepared for it. When it was over he decided he liked it, but he didn't sound very happy while we were ON the rollercoaster!  These two pictures are my favorites from Legoland.


Legoland Safari Ride

We rode absolutely every single ride at Legoland that our kids are big enough for, which really was most of them (at least for Lily, being a little taller than Dylan).  The first ride was a jungle safari ride.  The ride itself was just cars going around a flat track with no thrill element whatsoever, but seeing all the animals made from Legos was remarkable.