Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poll in the Sidebar

There has been some debate as to how to spell the baby's name. The results of this poll do not necessarily determine our decision (i.e. I don't know how to block Dusty from skewing the vote), but we're curious what others think. If you're reading this in an email subscription, click any of the links in the email to get to my blog at, and cast your vote in the poll on the left side of the page.

Some Recent Pictures

I had no idea that our driveway was this filthy! Dusty likes his new pressure washer, and our driveway looks like new.
Lily picked out her own clothes on this day. Purple bow and all.

Ahh, Date Night! We went to a local restaurant/bar to see Major Praise and the Horsemen. Click here for a short clip from their show. We had an awesome time!

Eating brownies for Mommy's birthday.
Lily has recently started "reading" books to her animals and dolls. Very cute. This particular book, I think she could probably recite from memory. We have so many books for her to read, but she definitely has a few favorites.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Belly Pictures - 28 Weeks

New belly pictures, taken on Monday at 28 weeks 1 day...

The next picture shows why I haven't been taking pictures of my belly as often this time - it's not all round! My belly goes straight out from the middle, like I'm carrying a watermelon vertically. It does not look like a basketball. Which is totally fine, but it's not as cute as a basketball belly.
Click here to see the previous belly photos. My belly is definitely getting bigger, and so is the rest of me. I might look like I have chipmunk cheeks after I gain 15 more pounds! Gaining the weight isn't the problem, knowing that I'll have to quit eating refrigerated milky way candy bars to lose the weight is the problem. Refrigerated milky way = happy pregnant lady. Hopefully that craving goes away when the baby is born...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Prenatal Visit - 28 Weeks

I had another routine checkup with my doctors today. I had another ultrasound to check the baby's growth; Dylan weighs about 2 lb 7 oz, which is in the 41st percentile, right on track. He is breech, but of course it doesn't really matter since I'll have a c-section. I go back to see the doctors in two weeks, and I learned today that I'll be having weekly ultrasounds and fetal monitoring starting at 32 weeks. I'm so excited about that! Today we didn't get any good pictures because the cord was in front of his face, but I'm sure I'll get a better look next time. So this means only one more regular old office visit; after that one, there will be ultrasounds and monitoring every week until Dylan is born at 37 weeks. This is starting to feel very close. Maybe I should think about starting to wash the baby clothes and get things put away in the nursery!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Lily loves to jump! She was so excited when Daddy set up her new trampoline... She kept saying, "It's a trampoline for LILY!"


Look what we picked up at the store!

This is one of my favorite recent pictures of Lily... One of the first few times she wore her hair in pigtails long enough for a photo!

Pudding Pops

We made pudding pops a couple of weeks ago. Easy and fun! Click here for the recipe from Kraft Foods.

Lily Singing

Prenatal Visit - 26 Weeks

Another normal doctor visit today, in and out really quickly. I was happy to have NOT gained any weight between visits this time (not that gaining weight at the last several appointments has slowed down my chocolate intake or anything, we wouldn't want that). My glucose screening last week was normal, thank goodness. I was nervous about that, and I'm glad to have it out of the way. I'm only a little bit anemic, which is apparently relatively normal at this point. I get a break from doctor visits next week, but I'll be back at 28 weeks for a checkup and ultrasound.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making Waves

Or at least ripples, anyway... I saw my belly move last night! I was taking a warm bath to try to ease the pain in my lower back, and Dylan was kicking like crazy. For several minutes, I watched my belly make these adorable little jumping movements, making little ripples in the bath water. I know this is perfectly normal and probably not all that exciting to the rest of the world, but to me it's pretty exciting! Baby boy is getting bigger!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lily's Pulmonary Update

Lily has officially been given the ALL CLEAR from pedi pulmonary! We had a follow-up visit with them this morning, and they finally said that Lily doesn't have to come back to see them unless she's having noticeable respiratory problems. Her lungs sound clear as a bell. Hallelujah!

Prenatal Visit - 25 Weeks

I did my glucose screening today, to test for gestational diabetes. This is just routine testing, and we'll have results within two days. I am at slightly elevated risk for gestational diabetes because of family history, but I'm not overweight and I'm relatively active. So we'll just see how this turns out. Blood pressure is fine, baby's heart rate is normal, etc... All the regular checkup stuff was good.