Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dual Dump Truck

I think this is the first time the dump truck has ever had two riders! In the picture it looks like Lily is pushing Stephen into Dylan, but really she's just posing for the picture while Stephen is giving Dylan a hug. We had fun spending some time with Meredith and Stephen today!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lily's Float Test

Lily completed her three-phase float test at Houston Swim Club in May.  She has been a Goldfish at HSC during her twice a week lessons for the past couple months, and now she's ready to advance to the Dolphin level.  This is the time when swimmers at HSC are encouraged to take the float test.  They wear their clothes, including shoes, and the instructor carries them out to the middle of the pool and tosses them in the water.  The swimmer must float until they reach the edge of the pool or for five minutes, whichever comes first.  Then the next time they have class, they do it again, wearing even more clothes.  By the third test, the swimmer is wearing a long-sleeved jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes.  Lily ended up having a different instructor for all three of her float tests, and she did incredibly well!  She floated all the way to the edge with no problem at all.  At the end of the third test she received a bell just like the one they ring in the pool when a swimmer passes a float test, a certificate, and a t-shirt.  We are so proud of our little swimmer!
The first picture is of Lily and Ms. Lindsey right after her first test.  Ms. Lindsey has been Lily's teacher from the very beginning Guppy class last spring, and Lily loves her!

Meriplex Family Picnic

The Meriplex Family Picnic was held May 15th at Regal Ranch.  We had a fantastic time! There was a playground for the kids, various balls (kickball, football, baseball, basketball) in the playing field, and a mini golf course, all available for the group to use throughout the day.  We had barbecue lunch and then the staff of Regal Ranch rounded us all up for some old fashioned games.  There were sack races, tug-of-war, and a water balloon toss.  We went for a hayride and had cake to celebrate Meriplex's birthday.  It was a really fun afternoon!

Dylan loved the miniature golf.
 Lily had never run a sack race before, so Daddy was explaining what to do.  We forgot to tell her ahead of time that she had to turn around and jump back to the beginning - she stopped halfway, thinking she was done! She had fun jumping though.
 I can't remember the last time I did a sack race!
 I don't think Lily has ever really done tug-of-war before either... She held onto the rope, but I don't think she was really pulling on it much.

 Lily sat across from us with Ande on the hayride, so that's why she's not in our group picture here.  I posted a family picture on the blog with all four of us at the picnic back in May.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tee-Ball in the Backyard

 I have no idea why Dylan is wearing his jammies to play tee-ball in the back yard, and I don't remember why Lily is not in these pictures - where was she, anyway? I need to get these pictures posted in a more timely fashion so I can remember the details - these are from May 14th!  But I do remember that he had SO much fun!  He would hit the ball and then immediately raise the bat up above his head and yell, "Home run!!!" Eventually we even got him to "run the bases," which really just meant run around in a big circle.  He bats lefty.  He eats with both hands.  He usually colors / writes with his right hand.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sand Castle in Mexico

Some pictures I snagged from Grandma Dixie and Grandpa Doug during our visit in Iowa... This poor sand castle didn't last long before the kids smashed it!

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