Saturday, July 16, 2011


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Preschool Spring Show

Lily's class performed in the Spring Show, singing and dancing to a few songs for the enjoyment of all the parents... The difference between the winter performance and the spring performance was remarkable! In the first show, the kids were quiet and hesitant to really participate, but by the time this spring show came around, they did SUCH a good job! I'm going to post a video from this night in a separate post.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mommy and Kids

After playing outside in the evening, I trapped the kids on the couch to take a few pictures. Good thing they enjoy being tickled.

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Drinking from the Bowl

Dylan learned to drink milk from his cereal bowl. In this case, it happens to be ice cream instead of milk!

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Cozy Coupe

This is hilarious. They take turns getting in the car and pushing each other down the driveway. They especially love it when Daddy is the one pushing the car (while Mommy continually yells "not so fast!"). It always steers to the left and comes to a stop in the grass in front of the fence.

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Dylan is starting to figure out how to make shapes with the play-doh. Lily is a seasoned pro.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sporties for Shorties

In the month of May, Lily attended a weekly Sporties for Shorties class. They learned about a different game / sport each week. The first week was soccer, and I just had to take a picture of her pushing the gigantic soccer ball toward the goal. They played the "right" way for most of the hour and then brought out the giant ball for the last few minutes. It was very funny. In later weeks they tried track and field, tennis, t-ball, and kickball. The reason we decided to have Lily play in this class was because she is interested in trying so many different activities. She is old enough to play soccer or t-ball, and there are also "Ankle-Biters" tennis camps that she could do. And she would certainly tell you that she wants to do all of those things! But it's just not practical to be registered to participate in absolutely everything you can think of, so we thought this would be a good way to see how she would really like the various sports. Tennis was her favorite day of Sporties for Shorties, and she did well with t-ball. And she also liked soccer. So what we learned is that she'll probably have fun with any of those activities, and we're really nowhere closer to deciding what to try next!
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Mother's Day at Preschool

Lily's class had a special Mother's Day party for all of us moms. The kids sang us a sweet song that goes something like this:
Hugs and Kisses, Just for you, Just to tell you Mother, I love you. Lily had been practicing the song at home for a couple weeks ahead of time, so it wasn't really a surprise, but it was still soooo cute to see all of the classmates singing it together - they did such a great job! And of course we had cake at the party, and Lily gave me a rose. For some reason I don't have any pictures of the two of us together at the party, but her teacher took some and put them in Lily's scrapbook for the end of the school year.
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While we were unpacking our luggage after our vacation, Lily and Dylan pretended to sleep on top of and inside the suitcases. Lily climbed up on top of the stacked suitcases first, so then of course Dylan had to try it too.

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Howl at the Moon

I've been hearing about this place for over a year now, and we finally made it out there with some friends on Saturday night.  Howl at the Moon is "the World's Greatest Rock 'N Roll Dueling Piano Bar"... So it's a bar with live musicians onstage who play just about any song you can think of, all based on requests from the audience.  The show is not pre-planned, and it all depends on the crowd.  It was calm and tame early in the evening, but as the night wore on it got a lot more rowdy.  We had a great time!