Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Little Gator

Swim Team Practice

Lily decided to join the Gators Swim Team this summer! At the beginning of practice  at the end of April  we didn't know if she would quite be able to meet he requirement of swimming the length of the pool to make t he team. But she got better and better every day, and within two Weeks she was able to swim the length all by herself! She swims with big arms and then flips to her back to breathe, then back to her tummy for more big arms. These pictures are from the last day of afternoon practice before the practice swim meet.  Lily is in the lane closest to the camera, in the pink multicolored swimsuit.


Some big smiles from last week.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dylan's Guppy Graduation

Dylan started lessons at Houston Swim Club at the end of March. At the end of his two week Guppy class, he was able to float!  I took these pictures on the last day of his Guppy lessons, and he was promoted to Goldfish.
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Coloring Easter Eggs

The kids and I dyed Easter eggs on April 4th.  They had fun choosing which colors to use, and it all went well except for the very beginning when an entire cup of pink dye got spilled on the floor and had to be scrubbed with bleach.  (Notice there's only one pink egg in the carton!) The dye came off the floor with plenty of elbow grease, and the subsequent eggs were watched excessively closely by Mommy, who tried very hard not to overreact at any sudden movements near the cups of egg dye.  hahahaha!  Really though, we all had fun coloring the eggs.  But next year we'll dye the eggs outside.  I know these pictures are all similar, but watching their expressions for each shot is so funny.  My kids make me laugh... They give me so much joy!
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Monkey Bars and Bluebonnets

Lily loved these monkey bars at a playground in a nearby neighborhood.  We stopped by there on our way to see the bluebonnets.  Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower, and they're wildflowers that often grow alongside the highways.  Lots of people take pictures in the bluebonnets every spring, and since Lily loves to pick flowers so much, I thought we had better make sure our little Texan got to see some bluebonnets this spring! (Although I think you're not supposed to pick them. I don't know why.)

Attack Poverty 5k

Our church sponsored a charity Fun Run supporting a local organization called Attack Poverty, so we all participated.  I ran the 5k, and Dusty ran the Kids' 1k with them.  It was a long way for the kids to run, but they did it!  They earned a ribbon at the end of the race and got to celebrate with a humongous water balloon fight.  It was an awesome event put on for a very deserving cause, and we had so much fun!
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Froberg Farm

I took the kids to Froberg Farm on a Friday in March to pick strawberries.  It had rained heavily the day before, so the strawberry patch was extremely muddy, but that just made it all the more fun!  Lily and Dylan wore their rain boots, so the mud was no big deal, and we got a bucket full of delicious strawberries.  Not to mention some really cute pictures!
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Rodeo Day at School

The annual Rodeo Day at Lily's school was fun for everyone.  Lily wore Grandma Jenny's cowgirl outfit, and Dylan got to hang out with the PreK kids for the day.  He thinks he's part of the class.  For Rodeo Day there was a small petting zoo and a pony for the kids to sit on to have their pictures taken (in addition to the saddle on a hay bale shown here), along with stick horse races, lassos, trail mix for a snack, and gold mining.  It was a busy day at the rodeo!
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