Thursday, September 30, 2010

Downtown Aquarium with Cornings

Grandma and Grandpa Corning, Uncle Chad and Aunt Cara, Reagan, Rayden, Callie, and Great Grandma Mary came to visit!  We all went to the Downtown Aquarium (except Daddy, too bad he was working so he didn't get to go with us!).  There were a whole bunch of pictures that I liked, so beware the length of this post!

Dylan and Callie rode in the double stroller together.  Callie played with Dylan's hair!

I really like this picture of Uncle Chad and Lily watching the stingrays.  By the way, Uncle Chad looks very stylish with... what is that, Aunt Cara's purse?  hahaha

Callie loved the carousel.

Dylan hated the carousel.

Lily found a tiny little gecko.

Lily's Big Sister Anniversary

Dylan's birthday is also the first anniversary of Lily becoming a Big Sister! We thought it would be nice for her to receive something special on Dylan's birthday too, since it's probably really hard to be 3 and have your little brother getting ALL the attention for an entire day. Lily has been asking for princess dress-up shoes for a really long time, so I thought these would be perfect. I won't post the picture of her look of utter disappointment when she realized that the shoes are too small for her feet. We were so sad that the princess shoes didn't fit! (Never fear, though, we made a trip to the store the next morning and found some really cute Snow White shoes that DO fit.)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dylan's First Steps

Dylan started walking on September 29th, one day after his first birthday! On his birthday he took one little step, two different times, but it wasn't until the next day that he took consecutive steps so we can really say he's walking. He started out with 4-6 steps at a time, and now, a week later, he's taking 10 steps in a row pretty consistently. He still crawls a lot, but he's walking more and more. Enjoy the video!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Birthday Boy at Bedtime

Dylan opened birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy right before bedtime. Needless to say, the airplane was more exciting than the sippy cups and bibs! Dylan had a very fun birthday, mostly just hanging out with his family. We love you, Baby Boy!

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Video: Dylan Eating Cake

Here's a little video of Dylan on his birthday, and you can see that he really didn't like his cake, but he was trying to be a good sport - at least when I would sing "Happy Birthday" to him!

Dylan's First Birthday Cake

Dylan really enjoyed playing with his birthday cake, but later when it came to actually eating the cake, he didn't like it! He didn't seem to like the icing sticking to his hands, and it must have been too sweet for him. But he had a great time smashing the cake!

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Dylan got a sandbox for his birthday, from Grandma Jenny and Grandpa Scott. Lily loves it. Ha! Dylan really likes it too, but he's still getting used to the feel of the sand on his hands. He was so excited to go outside to see the sandbox, but he didn't want to crawl in the grass with his bare legs. He stood in the yard clapping his hands and making noise, but he wasn't sure how to get across the grass to actually get over to the sandbox. He took one little step, but then he got down and crawled. It was really funny! Here are some pictures of when he first made his way over to Crabby (Lily insists that we call the sandbox Crabby).

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Happy Birthday Dylan!

Happy Birthday, Dylan! Mommy took lots of pictures on Dylan's birthday, so here are just a few to get started...

Good Morning, Birthday Boy!

We stopped by Daddy's office to say hello.

Dylan was very excited to open a birthday card after he finished his snack.
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