Monday, May 16, 2011

Company Picnic

Meriplex celebrated its 10th birthday in grand fashion with a company-wide family picnic at Regal Ranch. I have lots of pictures from the whole afternoon when I eventually get to them in chronological order, but here are the two family photos that were taken right when we arrived. Lily doesn't often allow pigtails in her hair anymore, so these pictures seem extra cute to me! I told her that her piggy tails are getting really, really long! She replied that it's because her HAIR is getting really long. Smarty pants.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dylan Eating Corn on the Cob

Don't mind the Ariel bib - Dylan can't help it that his older sibling is a girl! We actually didn't intend for Dylan to eat corn on the cob tonight. I cut the corn OFF of an entire ear for him and put it on his plate, while I gave Lily half an ear of corn ON the cob. Sitting down at the picnic table, Lily announced that she didn't want the corn on the cob because it was "too spicy" (no, I don't think she had even tasted it, and no of course the corn was not at all spicy). Dylan reached over and took the corn right off her plate and turned around like this to sit down and eat it! He ended up eating this whole thing and most of the second half. The second picture is funny - he has his little chipmunk cheeks full of corn, and he's so happy about it!

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