Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Bash

Lily and I went to a Halloween Bash on Friday night!  We were sad that Dylan was sick, so he and Daddy couldn't join us.  Hopefully next year we can all go together.  We had so much fun trick or treating, dancing, eating dinner, decorating pumpkins, candy apples, and cookies... AND our two favorite parts of the night were when we went on the hayride to the haunted house (before it got dark, so the haunted house wouldn't be tooooo spooky for Lily), and the costume contest!  Lily was a finalist in her age group's costume contest in her "Beautiful Witch" attire.  The itty bitty baby in a skunk costume was hard to beat, though - he won first place.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funny Picture

This picture just makes me laugh.
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Fall Party

Here are some pictures from our MOMS Club fall party.  The kids made ghosts out of marshmallows, played pin the nose on the pumpkin, went on a little costume parade, and of course had lots of treats!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Holy Cross Pumpkin Patch

Here's a picture from this year's trip to the pumpkin patch at Holy Cross, where we've been going since Lily was a baby. This year we got our big pumpkin from here, which we'll carve right before Halloween. Lily also decided to spend $1 of her spending money on a little tiny round pumpkin, which she later decorated with markers at home.
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Zoo Boo

We ventured out to the zoo on a Saturday during Zoo Boo, the Houston Zoo's Halloween celebration. It was pretty crowded, but it was a lot of fun. The kids loved playing the carnival games, and of course they liked the "Trunk or Treat" stations, where they received candy! They also used paint pens to decorate pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. It was a fun day at the zoo! (oh, in the last picture, Dylan is trying to see if he can get away with "marker on Lily's arm!?!" -- ornery little thing!)

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The Great Pumpkin Patch

We went to The Great Pumpkin Patch at a nearby church with some friends from MOMS Club.

Dewberry Farm

Dewberry Farm is such a fun place to go in the fall.  While they say it's a real working farm, its primary purpose is what they call "agritainment" - pure entertainment, with an agricultural theme!  Lily, Dylan, and I headed out to the farm on October 1st, before the really big crowds of the Halloween season.  We were there for five hours, busy the whole time, and still did not do all the activities.  Enjoy the pictures!

Little Farmerville is a playground area set up for little kids, with tricycles, swings, slides, and tunnels.

 We didn't catch much of the  chicken show this year, but the kids liked the wooden chicken for picture taking!
 The rubber duck races were a lot of fun. This is the first time Lily was really able to do it all by herself. In years past, she needed our help.

 Hmm, I can't remember the name of the "big kid" playground, but I remember getting stuck inside it with Dylan! He thinks he's bigger than he is and more able to do big kid things than he really is, so he climbed right up into this cargo net contraption and then couldn't get back out.  Retrieving him would have been easy if there weren't so many other kids on the playground - he and I were probably a pretty comical sight!
 Lily knows when things are set up just for the purpose of photo ops, and she always sits right down to pose. I have nooooo idea where she would have learned that! Ha!
 I was surprised by how quickly Lily grabbed the rope and jumped right off the hay bales! She swung on the rope for quite awhile.

 This ride was kind of like an amusement park swing ride, but the kids had to have someone give them a push.

 Lily really liked the animal chairs outside the country store.
 The Kidilla Hoppers are like giant pillows that you jump on like a trampoline.

 I took these two pictures while we were waiting in line for a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.  They did a good job waiting patiently!

 Each of the kids chose a pumpkin that was just their size.  Dylan wanted one that he could easily carry by himself, so when we got to the pumpkin checkout stand, he traded in the one that he has here in the pictures and chose a little bitty baby one.  He was much happier with the tiny one.  In the pumpkin patch with the bigger pumpkin, he kept saying, "Mommy carry my pumpkin! Mommy carry my pumpkin!"

 Lily LOVED the flower garden.  She picked a big bouquet to take home.  Dylan and I helped a little, but Lily chose most of the flowers herself.